Caring for your jewellery
Artisan jewellery should not be exposed to forceful treatment. I fabricate my pieces with care and they are made to last, but dichroic glass and natural untreated stones such as Turquoise are delicate and can be destroyed by dropping them from heights or banging them against hard surfaces.

Copper, Bronze and Silver do react with the surrounding air and climate. They will change in their appearance over time and may darken and lose their shine. This tarnishing process is perfectly normal. I personally like the ever-changing nature of these metals very much and do not seal or varnish any of the jewellery I create. Also, aforementioned metals can cause a dark-greenish tinge to appear on the skin because metals react to sweat and body chemicals. This is common, not dangerous to health and can usually be removed with soap and water.

To keep your jewellery beautiful, I recommend that you take it off before bathing/showering and sports as sweat and humidity can speed up tarnishing. Contact to cosmetic products like perfume or hairspray, chlorine or salt water, detergents etc. should be avoided. When not worn, store your jewelry in a dry, dark place, preferably an anti-tarnish lined box. To bring the metallic shine back, simply polish the metal parts of your jewellery with a polishing cloth for silver while avoiding the gemstones. I use the Sunshine cloth brand and pro-polish-pads, but watch out, those can potentially remove all the patina if you scrub too much! Flannel or soft microfiber will work well too. Do not use harsh abrasives or chemicals as they can harm the metal and gemstones.

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