Welcome! I am Martha, the sole creator behind Copper Cauldron Art. I design and create one of a kind jewellery in metal and stone. In my work I let myself be guided by the shapes and colours of the natural stones I use. Feelings and moods evoked by literature and the ever-changing atmosphere of nature throughout the seasons are another major source of inspiration for me. To learn more about the making process, please follow my Instagram page, where I regularly post work-in-progress photos and previews for upcoming pieces.

I do not have a formal degree in jewellery making or metalsmithing (although I would love to change that!). I have learned a lot of techniques on my own, by watching online tutorials and reading books, and by trying out various techniques and practicing a LOT ;)

I have also taken metalclay masterclasses with renowned artists like Anna Mazon and I have aquired an Aussie Metalclay Teachers’ Certificate. I am constantly learning and eager to try new techniques: wax carving/casting and creating hollow vessels are on my to-do/wishlist at the moment.

I am based in Germany, so please bear with the occasional grammar mistake. I see myself as a citizen of the world and would NEVER have learned about the world of jewellery making if it wasn't for all the English resources on the internet, so I have decided to keep my online presence bilingual in both German and English.

the artist

Copper Cauldron Art strives to create unique jewellery pieces inspired by nature and literature that imbue life with magic and celebrate your inner goddess.

All Copper Cauldron Art jewellery is vegan, this means no leather, no pearls or other animal-based components are used. Recycled silver is used where possible. All packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable.

This little one-woman business was founded in summer 2017 and started out with Metal Clay jewellery. I loved carving and sculpting the clay and was amazed by the textures that could be achieved, but I felt like something was still missing.

One year later, I decided to take the plunge and started learning traditional silversmithing techniques. I instantly fell in love! This brought forth a style change and the incorporation of natural stones like Turquoise. I believe that each medium has both strong and weak points and I wish to combine the best of each world in my jewellery, creating unique pieces that are build to last.

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